The Common Cold is Common, but NOT Normal

January 14, 2021

Our familiar foe (the Common Cold) is so accepted in our society that we believe every winter it is just normal.

However, it's not fact, and with a healthy body, it wouldn't be common practice. Here are a few tips to strengthen your immune system:

1) Eat a healthier diet.

We get it, it's not easy to eat healthy. In fact, healthy eating is getting harder to define. We recommend just making sure your diet includes fruits and vegetables as the primary fuel source.

2) Get more sleep

Really, sleep is when your body can focus on repairing from the day prior. You can't catch up on sleep and you can't replace it with coffee... Sleep more, feel better.

3) Maintain Vitamin D levels

We are, as a society, trending towards vitamin D deficiency. It's easy. We are inside when the sun is up and diets aren't necessarily adapting to the lack of sun. Focus your diet, add vitamin D supplements, and go outside some!

4) Get adjusted

No surprise here. When your body is free from subluxation it performs as it's intended to. Regular adjustments are necessary and your frequency depends on the daily activities you partake in and your current health status.

At Palmercare we have a wide array of supplements (like Biotech's magnificent Vitamin D drops), and terrific Chiropractors who are excited to use their entire skillset to highlight your body's innate ability to heal and protect itself!

Your body deserves Palmercare.


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